The influence of surfing is ingrained in San Diego’s DNA with Hawaiian surfers like Duke Kahanamoku and George Freeth first shredding our beaches in the early 1900s, drawing big crowds and big excitement. 

It’s almost unfathomable how popular surfing has since become and the homegrown talent in our local community all the way from OB to Seaside and beyond. However, in the midst of this great expansion there has been one downside to riding the wave, something that we hope we can help our local SD families out with. 

Boards are being thrown in the grass on the front lawn, stacked in piles on the garage floor, or drilled into the wall or ceiling with rope and hooks. Wetsuits are being hung on the tree branch in the front yard, thrown in a soggy heap to collect mold in the corner of the garage, or our personal favorite, hung from the garage ceiling light to dry. Simply put, we are all running out of ROOM. What happens out of the water is truly becoming a mess. 

SSR is a local family owned business that builds custom, free standing real wood surfboard racks. We’ve designed them to be efficiently sized without having to drill anything into the wall. We use all hand picked wood, with a glossed stain, padded foam arms and premium turf, not just to take care of your (increasingly expensive) surf equipment, but also to mirror the elegant style surfers are known for.  

Our family started this as a one-off garage cleaning project during the pandemic, but shortly after, due to the increasing number of requests from our neighbors and friends, we opened up the offer to all surfing families. We are grateful for all the local surfers we’ve been able to meet so far and look forward to connecting with more in the future. 

Keep shredding!