Hotel California - 4 Board

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*Vertical freestanding rack (NO WALL DRILLING) perfect for the garage, patio, balcony or surf shop showroom

*Holds 4 surfboards (up to 10 ft) with standard fins

*Wetsuit attachment for all-in-one storage (fits 3-5 wetsuits depending on size)

*Premium handpicked wood

*Red mahogany stain and semi-gloss

*Premium grass base

*Foam padding for added board/rail protection 

*Boards held securely with detachable bungee cord

*Sturdy and durable 

*Dimensions: Length=44in Width=24in Height=48in (the bottom of the board will be raised about 2in off the ground with 7in-8in of space between boards, so be sure to measure accordingly and let us know if you will need some modifications)



*Surfboards, wetsuits and hangars not included

*Our rackz are made with real wood and as such, there may be splinters – it’s an unavoidable part of the aesthetic and durable appeal

*Product may vary slightly from the images on this website. Each rack is handmade built custom for each order. We are constantly improving the design of each rack to last the longest and look the best. You will always receive the latest and greatest from us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Macdara Flaherty
Serenity and Stoke, all-in-one!

The Hotel California brought instant order to my messy terrace. No more wetsuits draped over chairs and boards leaning up against the house. And so easy to assemble. Thanks for the mini-drill bonus!!

Elijah W.
All in one/One size fits all

Life is easy with this rack. Having everything in one place has cleaned the heck out of my garage and keeps my roommates from asking "where did you put x,y,z" before every session. From my 5'9 to my 10', the boards are like a pig in a blanket - snug tight.

Stan B.
Never going back

This is truly the most compact and effective way to store. Never going back to what I was doing before

Molly J.
Best value

I love the wetsuit attachment feature. Nothing else like it. For this price you can’t beat it!!

Jonathan C.
Everything I need...

Great overall experience. This feels like a rack that is going to last me a very long time. My 9.5ft boards are well secured and the elegant style is a nice bonus touch.