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The all NEW SSR Truck Rackz are the evolved version of the Transition Rackz, made to be the helping hand in windier weather, as well as more protective to keep wax off your truck and dings/scratches off your boards!

The small, detached baseboard is now flat and open like the base of our normal Rackz so you can easily place your board whether it has a fish tail, bat tail or squirrel tail.

Second, we have added an upper “helping hand” attachment that mimics the headboards to our normal Rackz. Our “helping hand” can fit almost any truck bed or standard car door to prevent wax on your vehicle or wind blowing your board over. This top attachment is so easy to place yet flexible depending on the size of your truck. 


*Whether you are camping out at San Elijo State Beach, taking a lunch break between sessions in your truck bed or simply needing a helping hand to protect your board while you pack up the truck/take off your wetsuit to and from a regular sesh (what we call “transition periods”) this is for you.

*Holds 1 board (max board width of 28 inches, 3 inch thickness). 

*Thick handpicked wood held firmly together by cast iron/rust resistant braces for max strength and durability.

*Thick plywood base completely covered with our premium turf padding for extra tail protection. Base comes without any restricting slots for max quiver flexibility.

*Foam padding added on the headboard for extra rail protection.

*Extra foam adhesive padding included for where the rack touches your truck. 

*Colors include white paint or black paint. All with semi-gloss.

*Dimensions: Baseboard is 12in x 6in. Helping hand can fit up to a 10-inch-thick door/truck bed.



*Safety detachable bungee cord with eye hooks for max protection (best for windy areas).


*Surfboards are not included.

*This product is made of 100% authentic durable wood. Please handle carefully. Gloves recommended while handling.

*Product may vary slightly from the images on this website. Each rack is handmade built custom for each order. We are constantly improving the design of each rack to last the longest and look the best. 

Customer Reviews

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Mary J.D.
Simple and functional

Solid new product. Simple design but really useful. Just used this on my taco. Board was safe/secure while I changed in/out of my wetsuit. Was nice to have the board on the side so I could sit on my truck bed without the board getting in the way.