SSR Fin Ledge

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*The big brother to our signature wax shelf. Purchase as many as you need to stack along the side of your rack and store your misc surf goods.

*Attached by a cast iron and rust resistant brace, this attachment will make for easy access to wax (10+), sunscreen, keys, fins and any other loose items you can think of before a sesh.

*Dimensions are 6in x 12in and supports a max weight of 8lbs.

*Comes with 3 wood/drywall screws. Designed to screw into the side of our rackz. 


*Rackz, wax, drills and boards are not included.

*This product is made of 100% authentic durable wood. Please handle carefully. Gloves recommended while handling.

*Product may vary slightly from the images on this website. Each shelf is handmade built custom for each order. We are constantly improving the design to last the longest and look the best. You will always receive the latest and greatest from us.

Customer Reviews

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Jon W.
V Useful

I switch my fin setup pretty regularly, so having the rotation right next to my boards for a quick swap is dope

Ali F.
Game. Changer.

Great value, as it allows me to quickly access all my frequently used misc equip like fins, sunscreen and wax. No droor to dig through and everything kept in one place! Stoked.