SSR Wax Shelf

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*Our sleek detachable wax shelf makes your rack a one stop shop for wax (6+), sunscreen, keys, small fins and other small accessories you need for a sesh.

*Hung with a thick jute rope and padded turf base.

*Base is 6in x 6in and sits about 8 inches from top of rope. Designed to be compatible with our pegs.

*Supports a max weight of 5lbs.


*Rackz, wax and boards are not included.

*This product is made of 100% authentic durable wood. Please handle carefully. Gloves recommended while handling.

*Product may vary slightly from the images on this website. Each shelf is handmade built custom for each order. We are constantly improving the design to last the longest and look the best. You will always receive the latest and greatest from us.

Customer Reviews

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Tino J.

Ordered this to go on the add on pegs for my hotel cali. So convenient to have the wax all in one place. Streamlines all my transitions.