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*Vertical freestanding rack perfect for the garage, patio, balcony or surf shop showroom (NO WALL DRILLING).

*Holds 6-8 wetsuits depending on size.

*Thick handpicked wood held firmly together by cast iron/rust resistant braces for max strength and durability.

*Thick plywood base completely covered with our premium turf padding for extra protection. 

*Colors include red mahogany stain, white paint or black paint. All with semi-gloss.

*Dimensions: Length=24in Width=24in Height=48in 


*Wheels: Need to clean your floor or adjust your room layout? Our wheels add the much-needed mobility aspect. Comes in pairs of four, premium rubber casters with brakes. White rackz come with light blue wheels and black/mahogany rackz come with black wheels.

*Fin Ledge: The big brother to our signature wax shelf. Attached by a cast iron and rust resistant brace, this attachment will make for easy access to wax (10+), sunscreen, keys, fins and any other loose items you can think of before a sesh. Dimensions are 6in x 12in and rests about 46in above the base. Max weight of 8lbs. Comes pre drilled.

*Heavy Duty Hangers: Need a longer lasting hanger to store your suits? These heavy duty dive hangers will help preserve your suits safely while they dry on our rackz. They are made of a smooth plastic with a black tint to hide dirt and protect your suits. Comes in packs of 6 and 8. These are worth the investment #protecttheneck.

*Surfboard Fin Wallet (must add to cart separately): Made to help organize and store your surfboard fins all in one place with your SSR RACKZ. Big enough for large single fins, twin keels & bonzer fins. These wallets live best on our SSR Fin Ledges or hanging from our Pegs attachment.



*Wetsuits and fins not included - hangers sold separately.

*This product is made of 100% authentic durable wood. Please handle carefully. Gloves recommended while handling.

*Product may vary slightly from the images on this website. Each rack is handmade built custom for each order. We are constantly improving the design of each rack to last the longest and look the best. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jenna C.
Best of the Best

Best way to store my nicest wetsuits. Lots of room for each and sturdy as can be...

Jack P.
The local classic

As a seaside native myself, love the tribute to our one of a kind beach break. The rack works just as well. Got this for my family to share and it fits the kids suits and ours no problemo.

Eli S.

My housemates all pitched in for this one and it is the bomb. Can take 5 drying wetsuits no problem.

Ron M.
Nothing else like it

Before I got this I had to use a cheap metal clothing rack from amazon. Looked tacky and didnt quite fit how I wanted in the garage. This one is compact and looks wayyy better

Ryan L.
Clutch rack to have at the office

I work at an office near the beach and after my morning sessions I leave my wetty out back to dry. Its between waist to chest high so it really is pretty discrete. Great thing to pull out when ya need it.